Understanding survivor inclusion practices and attitudes toward survivor inclusion in anti-trafficking organizations

Do you work with anti-trafficking?

This study will provide a benchmark assessment of anti-trafficking organizations’ perceptions of:

(1) their inclusion of survivors in the planning, design, and evaluation processes related to their programs.

(2) their inclusion of at-risk communities in the
planning, design, and evaluation of prevention programs targeting their communities

(3) the attitudes held by anti-trafficking organizations regarding survivor inclusion in planning, design, evaluation, and organizational leadership and oversight.

This baseline data will be based on self-reported data obtained through semi-structured interviews with quantitative and qualitative questions.

Project Scope

Online survey - Survivor Inclusion practices and attitudes

Semi-structured Interviews and research with a wide range of organizational leaders to understand how survivors are currently being included and organizational attitudes towards survivor inclusion.

Reports and multi-media sharing of results.

Desired outcomes

A better understanding of how survivors are being included in anti-trafficking organizations and what roles they are taking on.

A better understanding of attitudes toward survivor inclusion in anti-trafficking organizations.

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