Understanding and valuing survivor and local community experiences

There is a large and growing collection of research documenting the experiences of survivors of exploitation, trafficking, and slavery. This includes both their exploitation experiences and their experiences with anti-trafficking organizations.

 This project will synthesize existing research and new interviews with survivors and local communities-at-risk to develop a more complete and complex understanding of their needs and experiences.  

Project Scope

White papers summarizing survivor experiences of exploitation and their recovery process with NGOs

Educational video series to develop industry understanding of the complexity of survivor experiences and outcomes and the challenges faced by communities

Podcast series to provide in-depth coverage of the complexity and to model deep analytical thinking regarding survivor and community experiences

Interviews and excerpts of interviews with leading survivor voices

Online course on valuing and listening to survivor and community experiences

Industry engagement package - including conversation starters to drive dialogue in organizations, coalitions, and advocacy groups

Social media content to engage advocates and the general public to develop a broader understanding of the issues

Feature articles/OpEds on embracing complexity

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Publishing and Deliverables

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