Survivor-Safe Organization Certification

The Certified Survivor-Safe Organization program will be a rigorous organizational excellence certification program for organizations working with survivors of exploitation, trafficking, and slavery.

IATI will partner with our strategic advisor Glenn Miles, Ph.D., to facilitate the development of the certification standards and process in partnership with leading voices in the survivor community. The program will ultimately be directed and managed by survivors.

Project Scope

Direct partnership with leading survivor organizations and voices

Interviews and research with a wide cohort of survivors and organizations to gather information needed to develop certification standards that ensure the needs of survivors are met

Utilize principles from existing research with survivors, transformative learning, and cultural humility to develop training programs to qualify organizations for accreditation

Certify survivors to lead and train organizations to be survivor-safe

Develop empirical measurements of organizational programs and cultures that prioritize the lived experiences of survivors and people at risk of exploitation

Develop key learnings into a book and/or academic paper

Connect With Us

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Publishing and Deliverables

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