Strategic Networking, Advising, Mentoring, and Coaching

These activities aim to facilitate new connections within the community, guide the evolution of the industry, encourage the use of evidence-based practices, and prioritize the lived experiences of survivors and people at risk of exploitation.

The anti-trafficking industry is highly transient, with rapid turnover for international staff and practitioners. New actors, staff, and organizations regularly enter the industry. IATI founders Christa and Bryon reserve a portion of their capacity to engage in networking, strategic advising, mentoring, and coaching activities.

Project Scope

Meta-networking with global and local anti-trafficking actors to increase cross-sector knowledge sharing, facilitate strategic connections among organizations and initiatives, and bridge impact and influence between different levels of the anti-trafficking industry, from the grassroots to the highest levels

Coaching and mentoring for leaders and staff members entering the anti-trafficking industry

Guidance and consulting for organizations beginning new anti-trafficking programs and operations

Speaking, teaching, and engagement-building activities that drive innovation, critical thinking, and collaboration to reduce gaps in service availability and ensure a professional standard of care

Connect With Us

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Publishing and Deliverables

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