Survivor Inclusion in

Phase 1 Survey

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This is an important piece of research for a study on survivor inclusion that will be coordinated by the Institute for Anti-Trafficking Innovation.

The inclusion of survivors is a significant priority among many anti-trafficking organizations and funding institutions. However, there is not a cohesive understanding of what survivor inclusion means, and attitudes toward the inclusion of survivors vary across the movement.

This survey is part of a larger research project working to establish a baseline understanding of how survivors are currently included in anti-trafficking work and measuring attitudes toward survivor inclusion in anti-trafficking work.

All results are anonymous.

For this survey, we are focusing on agency, participation, and inclusion.

Please use the following definitions for the survey.


Survivors have the ability to make decisions for themselves.



Survivors are able to provide input on decisions on their own care.


Beyond participation, survivors are included as part of the decision-making team and have direct input in the anti-trafficking work (e.g. needs assessment, program design, leadership management, and/or board governance).

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