An Oral History of the
Anti-Trafficking Movement

The origins of the modern anti-trafficking movement began more than 20 years ago but still significantly influence industry priorities by default instead of by design.

Founder, Christa Foster Crawford, J.D., is leading this project to develop an oral history of the anti-trafficking movement by interviewing current leaders and visionaries who were involved in the movement from the beginning.

Understanding the beliefs and thinking that started the movement is necessary for helping the industry engage in self-analysis and self-critique and to ensure that future responses are based on proven methods not just inherited habits.

Project Scope

Interviews with key industry voices involved in the movement from the beginning to provide a unique and necessary history and analysis of the multi-million dollar movement

Desk research to inform analysis of interviews and the movement's history

History and analysis distributed through

  • Podcast series
  • Short videos on key topics
  • Social media content
  • Development of tools to help organizations, donors, and
  • advocates understand and apply key learnings
  • Discussion starters and engagement prompts for organizations, coalitions, and advocates
  • E-book
  • Articles
  • Online Course

Connect With Us

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Publishing and Deliverables

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