Catalyzing a professional, evidence-based response to human trafficking

We envision a world free from exploitation where every person has equal opportunity to meet their physical needs, be mentally and socially healthy, and access to effective social support systems that prepare them to be resilient in the face of crisis.

The research and knowledge to end human trafficking and exploitation is within reach.

However, significant work is needed to identify knowledge and service gaps, develop effective solutions and deliver them to the sectors that need to apply them.

To inform, innovate, and impact practice and policy in the anti-trafficking industry we:


Evidenced based solutions are paramount. Starting with cataloguing research that has already been done, we assess applicability, identify gaps, and conduct further research where necessary.


With this research we develop innovative evidence-based solutions in the form of educational material and training programs that are relevant to the problem, actionable, and deliver measurable results. 


Insuring all sectors of the anti-trafficking movement including NGO’s, advocates and donors, government and grantors, and policymakers, have access to this research and training in a variety of formats and languages.

Signature Projects

The global center for technological innovation, shared learning, and collaboration to end human trafficking

While other knowledge-distribution and collaboration efforts exist, the frameworks on which they were built restrict their scope, capacity, and usability. A fundamental re-thinking on a strategic level is needed, bringing together experts from technology and industry to create a global collaboration platform to maximize the effectiveness of the anti-trafficking movement.

Started: Fall 2021

Understanding and valuing survivor and local community experiences

There is a large and growing collection of research documenting the experiences of survivors of exploitation, trafficking, and slavery. This includes both their exploitation experiences and their experiences with anti-trafficking organizations.

Anticipated Start: 2022

An Oral History of the Anti-Trafficking Movement

Founder, Christa Foster Crawford, J.D., is leading this project to develop an oral history of the anti-trafficking movement by interviewing past and current leaders and visionaries who were involved in the movement from the beginning.

Anticipated Start: Spring 2022

Survivor-Safe Organization Certification

The Certified Survivor-Safe Organization program will work with survivor leaders across the movement to develop evaluation metrics that verify organizations working with survivors of exploitation, trafficking, and slavery honor their agency and provide the best standards of care. 

Anticipated Start: 2023

The Roots Project

Developing effective trafficking-prevention models requires studying and learning from the successful work of small, locally-run NGOs that use proven methods rooted in the wisdom of international development and other disciplines.

Anticipated Start: 2022

Creating Cultures of Belonging in Anti-Trafficking Organizations

Stigma is one of the greatest barriers to successful recovery and reintegration into the community after exploitation. Othering is one of the most common ways that anti-trafficking organizations cause unintentional harm to the people in their care. Creating cultures of belonging is essential to increase the success rate of adult education, rehabilitation programs, vocational training, post-exploitation employment, and reintegration.

Anticipated Start: 2022

Strategic Networking, Advising, Mentoring, and Coaching

The anti-trafficking industry is highly transient, with rapid turnover for international staff and practitioners. New practitioners, staff, and organizations regularly enter the industry. IATI founders Christa and Bryon reserve a portion of their capacity to engage in networking, strategic advising, mentoring, and coaching activities.

Started: Fall 2021

Trafficking narratives in industry films, communications, and Fundraising

Founder, Bryon Lippincott, M.A., will lead this research project exploring and analyzing the narratives that are prevalent in industry films, communications, and fundraising appeals.

Anticipated Start: Spring 2023

We are strategic-minded visionaries intent on re-imagining the humanitarian response to human trafficking.

We catalyze the essential, difficult conversations that are needed for the movement to mature and grow. We facilitate deep thinking, innovation, and accountability in the anti-trafficking movement to professionalize and increase the effectiveness of the industry.

We endeavor to help the industry increase its capacity for self-assessment, innovation, and the iterative refining and development of programs and interventions.

Human trafficking is one of the most complex humanitarian issues facing society today. However, oversimplifying it merely to kidnapping and sexual exploitation leaves many victims unable to escape the systems that entrap or enslave them.


We exist to catalyze a fundamental shift in the anti-trafficking movement, from a reactionary criminal justice model to an evidence-based solution model that addresses the root causes of human trafficking.


We believe that exploitation, human trafficking, and modern slavery cannot be eradicated until the anti-trafficking movement prioritizes addressing the factors that increase individual, family, and community vulnerability.


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