The global center for technological innovation, shared learning, and collaboration to end human trafficking

The Global Center will be the definitive, comprehensive platform that gathers and curates anti-trafficking-related knowledge to inform and catalyze collaborative innovation across all levels of the anti-trafficking response, from grassroots actors and academics to policymakers and government agencies.

While other knowledge-distribution and collaboration efforts exist, the frameworks on which they were built restrict their scope, capacity, and usability. A fundamental re-thinking on a strategic level is needed, bringing together experts from technology and industry to create a global collaboration platform to maximize the effectiveness of the anti-trafficking movement.

Project Scope

Convene leading thinkers in innovation and information technology to reimagine what is necessary to facilitate a transformative shift in anti-trafficking collaboration and practice

Leverage technology to maximize research, analysis, knowledge distribution, application, and program evaluation across humanitarian disciplines to better understand and address exploitation, trafficking, and slavery

Design, build, and launch a global technology platform that creates a meta-network information matrix, connecting existing initiatives, facilitating cross-sector collaboration, and increasing accessibility of information across various levels of the anti-trafficking movement

Prioritize design specifications that minimize barriers to use, including multi-lingual content, accessible design, open-access platform, capacity for integration

Encourage individuals and organizations to adopt and actively engage with the platform as an engine to drive the movement towards a professionalized, evidence-based response

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