Creating Cultures of Belonging in Anti-Trafficking Organizations

Stigma is one of the greatest barriers to successful recovery and reintegration into the community after exploitation. Othering is one of the most common ways that anti-trafficking organizations cause unintentional harm to the people in their care. Creating cultures of belonging is essential to increase the success rate of adult education, rehabilitation programs, vocational training, post-exploitation employment, and reintegration.

IATI strategic advisor Debbie Kramlich, Ph.D., will use research to help anti-trafficking organizations create organizational cultures that provide safe, inclusive spaces where restoration can take place.

Project Scope

Research to understand the baseline for survivor, local staff, and beneficiary experiences with INGO and foreign-led organizational cultures

Development of framework, curriculum, and evaluation metrics in collaboration with survivors, local staff members, and beneficiaries of international organizations

Organizational culture development workshops

Brand development and granting-organization engagement

Program to certify survivors and local staff to facilitate cultural humility and belonging experiences in their communities and the organizations that serve and employ them

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Publishing and Deliverables

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